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This addresses an issue with adding people to your circles in Google+. Please understand that there is no issue with the concept of adding to your circles, but just the mechanics of adding to your circles. The lableling of buttons maybe causing confusion.In Kyle's Certification Course, 'Mastering Social Engagement', lesson six (6) - Google Plus or Minus?, Kyle teaches us in 'Task 3' of this lesson to identify our Googles' Profile URL. He also requests us to follow 10 other people and to add
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March 10, 2018
In the begining....To be transparent, I should let you know where I currently find myself in the Training program. Tier 2 - Lesson 10. It has taken me 3 weeks to get this far and I am quite aware that I have a long journey ahead. I have previous experience with building websites, but have found that I was so under educated when looking back as compared to what I have been learning here at WA.My Work...My Domain is '' and it has been indexed by Google. I have followed
March 05, 2018
Well, another milestone passed. Google has indexed my site.
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