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Last Update: March 10, 2018

In the begining....

To be transparent, I should let you know where I currently find myself in the Training program. Tier 2 - Lesson 10. It has taken me 3 weeks to get this far and I am quite aware that I have a long journey ahead.

I have previous experience with building websites, but have found that I was so under educated when looking back as compared to what I have been learning here at WA.

My Work...

My Domain is '' and it has been indexed by Google. I have followed the course of instruction and it has brought my site to a point where my posts are presentable. I have yet to figure out how to insert links that will lead to monetizing the site. This concern raises questions for me with regard to the 'how' factor in finding appropriate content that is applicable to my niche.

I have already contacted one source in the industry, asking if they have a Marketing Affiliate program. This supplier does not and finds the cost of altering present code on their website to accomodate 'affiliates' to high to invest in. Good news ( I think) is, they are willing to work with me in being a middle man for the ordering of their products. Doesn't fit the mold of an Affiliate Marketer.

My original goal when I started was to produce a few hundred dollars a month revenue. My goal hasn't changed. I would expect that in three months I would see some degree of progress. Six months down the road, I would like to think that my first niche is starting to mature and that I would be working on my second niche.

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DanT74 Premium
Pretty good for 3 weeks I'd say. Setting the bar for the rest of us newbies!

Appreciate your sharing your site work with us, it's clean and aesthetically pleasing. It reminded me of how much I used to love working on scale models as a kid as well.
Rmorgan1 Premium
nice work