Laziness rewarded: A lesson in what could've been

Last Update: March 03, 2018

Residual income, that's what many of us are after, right?

Do the work once and keep on earning down the road. I think most of us have seen a few trainings and success posts that touch on that topic.

Even as I continue to work on kicking my arse into high gear, or even low gear :), I see everyday the potential for exactly those kind of results. I have a couple sites that were long neglected that continue to earn a little Adsense revenue every month. I think I may have become complacent with that as it didn't really motivate me knowing that if I posted more content, I would likely generate more revenue.

What did catch me off guard was a couple Amazon sales.

During one of my 300,000 false starts at rebooting my online efforts, I decided that I would start up a more mainstream review site.

This is not one of our typical MMO review sites designed to draw people into WA or reviewing marketing tools to sell to other marketing hopefuls. This fell in line mostly with the Certification training taught here at WA, although it is not niche specific. So, it's a bit of a large undertaking. It is actually designed to review everyday products that we see advertised on TV and/or use in everyday life.

I went this route because at one point I was an affiliate manager/affiliate support for a merchant that had accounts set up on CJ, ShareASale, LinkConnector, and their own independent affiliate program. A couple of our affiliates had sites similar to what I am shooting for and I know how much we were paying out. Our top affiliate was regularly earning more than $50k/month and that was just from one merchant(us) in one niche.

So I decide to take on this little undertaking and launch the site back in November, 2016. I publish a whole whopping one post and then wait, what's that over there, it's pretty. Let me go look at it.

Flash forward to late 2017. I'm not a big Amazon publisher, so I figure I'll go log in and see if I've been deactivated again for lack of sales. Lo and behold, that one single stupid post from the previous year has led to a couple small sales. And it wasn't even for the product I was reviewing. The sales came from the Native Ads I had at the bottom of the post.

These weren't big sales and the size of the earnings are unimportant. 15 months later, that post still ranks low on page 1 of Google for most of my targeted keywords. Even if I had continued posting just one new review each week, the odds are that the original post could have gained a little more traction, ranked higher, and led to more revenue in addition to whatever the new posts would have brought.

Consistency, consistency, consistency.

Even if you are a really rough writer and hate the look of what you put out, keep doing it.

Over time, you can refine your skills, update your past efforts that aren't producing, and get where you want to be.

Knowing a little and doing a lot is better than knowing a lot and doing little.

Good luck and keep creating.

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KarenAmelia Premium
DEversley Premium
Great advice here, Chris!
Thanks for sharing the experience.
chrisbailey Premium
You're welcome and thank you David.

Best wishes.
MKearns Premium
Good job mining gold dust out of the cracks!
chrisbailey Premium
LOL, but I could have been pulling out nuggets. :)

Time to do that now.