One day closer to my dream

Last Update: December 08, 2019

Hey all!

Thought it was a good time to update my little blog now with some positive info!

Having been a paying member here now and with all the support I have access to here, I have become even more motivated to get started in earnest!

What I have always strived for is to get confirmation that affiliate marketing is for everyone, I have managed to get. I am visually impaired and another member who is also already running I have had contact with some time, so it is possible!

It's just a matter of taking the time you need and focusing on one thing at a time, so it works out. But also a big thank you to everyone else here who came up with valuable tips. No regrets that I rejoined WA again!

More information to follow. Have a nice day!

All the best,


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EOPolini Premium
Keep up the good work Chris, you can do this!

God bless,
exgrosteve Premium
Steps and action frequently will keep bringing that dream closer. Good luck.
Steve C