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Do you operate a blog on your name .com?

Do you operate a blog on your name .com?

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Website Development & Programming

I am wondering how many people operate a business blog with their name.com?
Or do you operate a blog with a business/niche domain?
Is it worth running a blog for business

Hi, Chigs

I have a domain with my name but I haven’t done anything with it yet.

When I was getting a Masters degree in healthcare informatics we had to create an “electronic portfolio” on a NorthWestern University subdomain. It’s essentially my CV and work experience.

Maybe I’ll have it transferred to my name.com domain at WA.


Thanks 👍🏼

Many actually.

However more accountability required here, you have to live up to your visitors expectations. Your name is on the line lol.

Yes, very true 😂

I set up a website based on my name and associated email addresses right back when the internet was starting out. I use it for personal stuff only.

Thank you 😊

I have my name.com, Chigs, but as far as I can remember it has nothing on it right now!


Thanks, Jeff 👍🏼

You're welcome, Chigs!


None of our business blogs use our name.
We have noticed that many well known MMO business bloggers use their name.

Thanks and you're right. Many top people do use their names 👍🏼

My name domain is my personal blog and my niche domain is my business blog... and my other niche domain is my MMO blog.

Is it worth it to have a domain with your name? I think so... whether you use it for business or personal blog is really up to one's preference.

There are several internet marketers (some even well known) who use their name domain for their internet business.

Hope this helps you.

Thank you so much for your reply. Much appreciated :)


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How to find recordings for weekly live webinars?

How to find recordings for weekly live webinars?

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The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

Hi all,

This may be a silly question!

Where do you find all recordings from the weekly live webinars?



Classes tab top menu


If you want a specific tutor for example Kyle, see more classes.


Thank you, Abie 😊👍🏼
After having time off due to personal reasons, now I'm ready to get back and watch certain training videos and turn my blog on 😊👍🏼

That's so great Chigs and most welcome!

John’s got you covered. Have a good day, Chigs. 👍🏻

Thanks 👍🏼

They are in the classes section. There is a calender on the right to look for them by date.

Duh! Lol... Thanks, John 👍🏼

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