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Last Update: May 27, 2014

Should You Become A Premium Member?

Are you wondering whether or not it is worth it to become a premium member? Ar you saying to yourself, "I can still get two free websites if I stay a free member, so I don't need to become premium." I encourage you to do it!

Becoming a Premium Member Has Advantages

The amount of websites you can have are endless. You will no longer be limited to only two .free websites. Endless amounts of websites equals endless amounts of income.

The amount of training, courses, lessons, webinars (live video classes), classrooms, are going to open you up to an endless amount of knowledge. You will be an expert in no time.

The amount of help you are going to get is going to increase greatly. You will be able to ask questions whenever you want and get all the help you need. You will even get help from Kyle and Carson.

You will be able to get involved in the WA Affiliate Program and earn money from new members joining.

Why I became A Premium Member

I decided to become a Premium Member within the first or second day of being here. When I saw how great the advantages were, there was no way I could pass them up. If I was going to make the most of this opportunity and make this work I couldn't let this chance get away! I took this seriously and REALLY wanted to make sure my websites succeed. I was tired of all the scams out there and wanted something real. It only took me a day to see how this was the real deal. I have been duped too many times. NEVER have I seen anything as community oriented and helpful as WA! All the tools I needed were right here at my fingertips. Why would I let that slip away?


If you are serious about making a serious income than you have to do the most that you can to make that happen-that means taking advantage of all there is here to offer at Wealthy Affiliate and becoming Premium.

Isn't it worth the small investment? If you are taking this seriously and working hard you are going to get that investment back and more. Why let this chance pass you by?

For just as little as $19 you can get started here at Wealthy Affiliate as a Premium Member. That will take care of your first month. You only have to pay $47.00 monthly.

If you are serious about working for yourself, making an income, and becoming knowledgeable, there is NO better place to be. I urge you to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. Don't let it slip through your fingers.Take this seriously, work hard and you just might get what you have been looking for.

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