Hoping I may have my first successful referal!

Last Update: September 15, 2013

So I went on to my WordFeud app to take my turn and noticed one of the people I play with sent me a message. I go in to read it and the person says, "You mentioned you work at home, what do you do?"

So I told them all about WA and gave them my link to the site. They thanked me and said sounds great! I will check it out. They truly sounded interested so my fingers are crossed. This is actually the second referral I got from WordFeud!

Who knew! Maybe my best referrals will come frome game apps, lol. Keep talking up WA, you never know the strange places your next referral could come from. You never know when someone could really need this opportunity. You could change someone's life for the better! I know this changed mine for the better-so thank you to whoever it was that referred me! :-)

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jespinola Premium
My best wishes to you :)
tommydillard Premium
Word of mouth works also good luck
sarazoldan Premium
My fingers are crossed for you too :-)
Kudos to you for taking advantage of your experience at WA and selling it to others - benefiting both yourself and the person who signs up!