Learning to Ignore Negativity

Last Update: January 17, 2016

Hi and Happy 2016 to everyone here at WA!

Let us talk about ignoring negativity. No, it is not easy because it can often be rooted in fear and that can be a real obstacle.

As long as humans exist there will always be negative people. It is therefore crucial to teach ourselves how to drown out the negativity that will put a damper on all our efforts to succeed and attain our lives' goals. We have to learn to cancel that noise of negativity. As we set out to make something of our lives, there will always be persons telling you that you are not intelligent enough, or that you lack sufficient money, connections or resources, etc.

Negativity may also come from within us. I am quite familiar with this over the years. Our minds can nurture and cultivate negativity, causing us to doubt our self worth, talent and capacity to succeed. Surrounding ourselves with negativity multiplies the pain of failing. The fear of failing may hold us back from cutting a path to success.

We can learn how to ignore negativity and break through our self-imposed glass ceilings by observing the following:

First step – Understanding the “Why”

No matter how much negativity is around you, the most important thing is to focus on why you want something or have a certain goal. If you lack strong reasons for having certain goals, it will be difficult to overlook negativity or even prevail over past pain and failure. If your 'why' is sufficiently strong you will be hard to stop. Work out the reason you desire something and if it has a deep-seated meaning to you, this will help propel you in your life’s pursuits.

Second step – learn to specify the “When”

The second step in the quest to ignoring negativity is associating specific and exact dates to the achievement of your goals. After stating and writing your goals, next to this set a date for achieving them. For example if you want to lose weight, write how much, why and the specific date when you will have done it. By specifying the date, you will see it each day and it will be a reminder of what needs to be done even in the midst of failure and negativity.

Third step – know how to cancel the noise

Understand that negativity will always be around you or buried deep in your mind. This is the first step in the process of canceling both the inside and outside noise.
Secondly, identify a source of inspiration-for example Thomas Edison had to go through 10,000 bulbs before finally getting the first light bulb right. How many of us would have persevered through 9,999 failed light bulbs? J.K Rowling went through 7 years of toil and desperation before getting Harry Potter published. How many of us would have lasted 7 years before getting a published work?

Study and research whoever you decide will be your inspiration. Read about the people who told them they would not succeed. Bear in mind that failure is deeply embedded in life and that if you have strong enough reasons, the reward is worth risking for. Failing to try is not an option.

Fourth step – Persistence is the only path

The final step in ignoring negativity and achieving your goals is persistence. Remember that attaining goals cannot be done by following the path of least resistance. Understand that you will have to dig in your heels and grind out results.

You will face negativity but with persistence you will inch closer and closer to your objectives so long as you keep going and not giving up. You can accomplish whatever you want in life by never giving up on your dreams and having an audacious spirit.

Remember that nothing worthwhile comes easily. Stay humble, be strong and focused on your path.

Weigh all potential outcomes, know the risk, then walk passed the fear of failure and your confidence will outgrow the negativity that often surrounds you.

All my best to you!

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This article really helped me a lot because I am negative, but most times I am positive; it feels like the negative lingers and does not go away
DreamN Premium
Thanks, Jim. It's almost like you wrote this blog specifically to me. I've had self-esteem issues all my life...even the Marine Corps didn't help with it as I've always been critical of myself, beat myself up and was guilty of self defeating behavior. I'm doing fine here, though, because I can just learn as I go and I get friendly, patient support from the members here. My current JOB has a lot of know-it-all people with college degrees who enjoy putting others, like me, down. That just gives me more ammo to make WA work so I can just work for myself.
Great blog! Thank you.
gooddogpoky2 Premium
Very interesting piece, Jim. DAN
WayneStewart Premium
Persistence, and determination with focus & lots of patience with yourself. Thanks, a great reminder
chartdude Premium
Thanks Wayne!

I have learned much over the years through my own failures, and I understand what it is to live in fear of those failures. Then I realized one day that we must face our fears if we are to get beyond them in order to pursue life itself and the opportunity to do great things. I am still learning, but what a journey it is! I only wish I faced those fears much earlier in my life, but it is never too late to do it.

All the best to you Wayne