Last Update: July 03, 2015

How do you view progress? I look at it as moving forward towards a goal. Sometimes this process is fast but then sometimes it is slow. For me I tend to get more out of the process when it is slow. I get the opportunity to fully digest and comprehend exactly what it is that I am trying to accomplish. Quick rewards for me usually don't last long then I am right back at it again. But this was a lesson that took me nearly my entire adult life to figure out. My dad used to always tell me that patience was a virtue but it just went in one ear and out the other. I did not fully come to understand this until my third child was born. That is her in photo with me. I was addicted to instant gratification all through my teenage years, my twenties, and most of my thirties. It really wasn't until my daughter was born that I learned how to let the process happen and watch the progress take place. I have only been here 5 days but the progression that I have made seems like it's been a month. And now I am finding myself expecting this process to produce more than what in reality just is not possible. In getting back to my center and regaining balance I can now continue the process and allow progress to happen. Success is not a race but a marathon. I know that is why we are all here or at least it should be. Some people will progress faster than others but don't get discouraged. Stay committed to the reasons you joined. The pyramids were not built in one day and wealth more than likely is not coming over night. So do yourself a favor and just breath.


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