Last Update: May 12, 2015

Just went premium now it's time to see if I can make it do what it do. Check my site out and tell me what you think

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Kyle Premium
Congrats on going Premium Chad, I know you are absolutely going to love it. In the coming days, weeks and months ahead you are really going to see your business start taking shape. I can't wait to see it unfold.

You have everything you need here at WA now, take action, work hard, stay persistent and ask for help if you ever feel even remotely stuck. Lots of help here!

PS. I took a look at your website and it was not loading properly for me. Are you sure you left the correct URL?
Kyle Premium
That site didn't work either. Go into your SiteManager and copy and paste your website URL.

None of the websites here will be "https" or have www. in front of their URL's.
Kyle Premium
Ah, there we go lol. :) A few suggestions here:

(1) I recommend that you use more visuals within your content. Most people are visual by nature and when you create content, you should have associated images that reflect what you are talking about.

This will lead to more engagement, a higher reader rate, and as a result, more conversions.

(2) Be thorough with your content. Quality content is content that is helpful and often times means it being thorough.

With each page or post you create on your website, people should come to it and feel as they have gotten the help/information that they were looking for and it was presented in a way that was interesting.

I noticed some of your pages on your website could be more thorough, the content was great but could have just been a bit more elaborate.

Overall, I think you are doing an excellent job thus far.

If you ever want a website review from the community, I highly recommend that you take advantage of the SiteFeedback system here at Wealthy Affiliate.

This is a give and take system, meaning that as you offer others feedback on your website you are going to earn credits so you can request reviews from others. This is a pay it forward community afterall. :)