What's hot in coffee shops this autumn?

Last Update: September 29, 2016

Hi everyone- it's my birthday! It was cute to get some cards and hugs from children and colleagues at school today, and my mum sang 'Happy birthday!' down the phone. Even at 51 years old it's still nice to be made a fuss of!

I've just added another post to my site: What's hot in coffee shops this autumn? I'd love it if you could head off to my site: coffeeandchristine.com and make a comment for me.

Thank you!

Best wishes to all at WA,

Kind regards,


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leoemery Premium
Hi Christine, just a heads - maybe you're not aware - asking people to go to your site to leave comments using your blog here is against the TOS of the WA.

There is a comment thread you can request comments Or if you are hosting here you can use Site Comments
CFoley Premium
Whoops! No, I wasn't aware of that- thanks for putting me right and sending me off in the right direction!