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Hi everyone- it's my birthday! It was cute to get some cards and hugs from children and colleagues at school today, and my mum sang 'Happy birthday!' down the phone. Even at 51 years old it's still nice to be made a fuss of!I've just added another post to my site: What's hot in coffee shops this autumn? I'd love it if you could head off to my site: and make a comment for me.Thank you!Best wishes to all at WA,Kind regards,Christine
September 28, 2016
Hi everyone at WA- just a quick blog on the subject of birthdays- please wish me happy birthday for tomorrow! I am so lucky to have two sons who have bought me some lovely presents- a bottle of champagne for one! really takes the edge of getting another year older....anyone else out there got a birthday coming up?
Just a quick word to say 'Thank you very much!' to those wonderful kind souls who visited my site and gave me a positive comment. Very much appreciated- cyberspace can seem a very large place, and it's not much fun chatting away to yourself!Thanks for your encouragement, and best of luck with your work, too.Kind regards,ChristineCoffeeandchristine
September 22, 2016
Hi everyone at WA! Just thought I'd pop in to update you on how things are progressing with me. I'm learning loads from this training- lots of things I've been baffled about for years. My site is making progress- slowly- I'm a full time teacher so it's hard to find enough time to sit down and really put in the work- frustrating! Still, really enjoying it and being part of such a great community. I'd love it if you could comment on my site:, as no one has been there yet!T