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Hello everyoneI haven't been to active lately on WA and I want to chage this. I guess you can say it is my new year resolution. I have to admit, I have been procrastinating a little bit. I fell in the trap of reading, learning, following, etc. Instead of taking real actions. I can only blame myself.Don't get me wrong, I still accomplish stuff. I have two websites that I have been working on. I started a health and wellness company at the end of the summer, sold my house, my son graduated from h
March 23, 2016
For my first Blog I would like to talk about my meeting last night.Last night we had to vote on a contract proposal. The proposal affects directly my possibility of retirement. You are probably aware that I'm working on a website to help me retire before I'm 67.You are probably not aware, but here in Quebec, Canada teachers are having trouble sometimes being recognized.Unfortunately, in my opinion, education as become a business. If we have the money, good, if not, too bad. The government will
February 24, 2016
For the money, of course...Well I'?m not sure anymore, here? is why.I got here like most of you, I would imagine, searching the web for ideas on how to make money.Started the training and bang. Started to read blog and post about all kind of stuff. I like to learn new things so, I got hooked. Now my problem is to get back to my work, my training. I enjoy reading about a lot of your blogs , comments and stuff. I enjoy learning about all kind of stuff that you guys post.I find myself wanting to l
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