Why am I here ?

Last Update: February 24, 2016

For the money, of course...

Well I'?m not sure anymore, here? is why.

I got here like most of you, I would imagine, searching the web for ideas on how to make money.
Started the training and bang. Started to read blog and post about all kind of stuff.

I like to learn new things so, I got hooked.

Now my problem is to get back to my work, my training. I enjoy reading about a lot of your blogs , comments and stuff. I enjoy learning about all kind of stuff that you guys post.
I find myself wanting to log into WA in the morning to read stuff. I get tons of email about all of the people I follow and it does?n't bother me. I?'m curious.

So it brings me back to my original question: Why am I here ?

I?m not sure anymore, this community is great, the people are great. The information shared here is unlike any other place I?'ve seen. I learn new stuff everyday.

I think we all have the same goal, succeed. But succeeding isn?'t just about money. We all have different answers I?m sure of it.

You see I got sidetracked again.
Have to stop here. I have to get back to my training.

I just wanted to share my big philosophical question of the day.

So I ask you :

Why are you here ?


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LynneHuy Premium
Financial Freedom! Yes money of course, but more importantly the spare time to enjoy the money I make, to be free to spend more time with my family. To be able to enjoy the money making process.