Time to Stop Wasting Time!

Last Update: April 01, 2015

Hi all!

I hope this day finds you all happy and healthy.

Well, after being a WA member since November 2013, I guess it's time to start finally taking full advantage of this great community and start getting my butt in gear.

This is my first blog ever so don't expect too much but all constructive criticism is welcomed.

So anyway, you may wonder what I have been doing all this time and what has taken me so long to become active here.

Good question!

The answer is.......I don't have a good answer. I have tons of excuses though. So let me roll through some of my "better" excuses for you.

I've had some situations in life (which we all do) that had taken my attention away from my goals. Job loss, divorce, finding a new job only to be without a job soon after due to company budget cuts, then ultimately getting another job with a more stable company which I've been with now for about a year.

I'm currently working the overnight shift which I don't mind too much due to the fact that I'm a night person by nature anyway. Plus all my years as a working musician have made it easy for me to adjust to a nocturnal lifestyle.

Also, I was wasting both my time and money chasing money making mirages throughout the internet desert. You know the ones I mean. The gurus whom you've never heard of that advertise their $7 to $25 pdf files on certain online forums and have the ad that is too long for anybody to read, telling you how great their "online millionaires secret" is and how you too will have millions of dollars, huge mansions, travel, beautiful women, eternal youth, and toilets made of gold if you just click the Buy it Now button because they only have one more pdf file available at the special low cost!!

Well, after being the lucky guy that was able to get the last $7 online millionaire secret pdf, I still can't afford to buy the solid gold toilet to put in the huge mansion which is still slightly out of my budget. Evidently, the harem of beautiful women never got the message that I now hold the secret to internet riches. Those poor girls have no idea what they're missing out on. I can't speak about the eternal youth yet......I'll have to get back to you in a year or two and tell you how that worked out for me.

Wait.....Does my mental immaturity count as eternal youth? If so.... WOO-HOO!

Seriously though, I'm not saying that all the information I got from those famously unknown gurus has been a complete waste. They haven't all been. Some of them did have some information which I was able to learn a little from. I probably would've learned more if I bought into their upsells for more in depth information, but in most cases I didn't.

But here's the stupid part though. All of the information that I was buying from those guys was already available for me RIGHT HERE with my Wealthy Affiliate membership! There are no "Pie in the Sky" over-inflated promises here. Just real, truthful, and incredibly helpful information from people who are not getting paid to give you their information, but instead, really want to see you succeed.

Seriously. You can ask any question about your online business here and somebody is going to try to help. All it cost you is your membership. Which is a great value considering everything that you get included in your membership.

So you guys will be seeing more of me on here.

And a special thank you to Kyle and Carson for providing this community to us all. I can't thank you guys enough.

I have seen the light!

P.S. Could somebody inform the harem of beautiful women of my whereabouts? Maybe they just got a wrong address or something....Thanks. :)

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supersaint1 Premium
You mean, you got the last $7 online millionaire secret pdf?

I thought I did!

Enjoyed your post, everyone has problems to deal with in this cruel old world, WA is the place to solve them!
Cebu Man Premium
Hey.....Wait a second.....You don't think those honest gurus were trying to scam us, do you Scott? lol. Well. Live and learn I guess. Thanks for the feedback!
JeanL Premium
Excellent read and I can relate totally! Been there done that and I'm just sorry I didn't find WA a long time ago!
Cebu Man Premium
Thanks for the feedback Jean. I agree. WA is such a great place. I wish it didn't take me so long to realize everything that was right here! Oh well. No time to waste looking back. Time to forge ahead!
Good first blog. Focus, keep your attention focused on your goal Pete. I went through the same scenario as you describe above and finally landed at WA. and started learning. No one can stop you now, I know you will be successful! Let me know if I can be of assistance.
Oh and I'm in on the harem thing....
Cebu Man Premium
Ha ha! Thanks for the feedback Tom. I really appreciate it.
anderscj Premium
Never mind the harem just yet. Build it, work it, and they will come.
Cebu Man Premium
I just didn't want those poor girls to be wandering aimlessly looking for me! lol Thanks for the reply.