God's Grace!

Last Update: June 30, 2019

My own experience :

Two years back, I had to go through operation of my both eyes due to high sugar level in my blood. ( Heavy Diabetes). It is called Ratinopathy. When I reached to an eye hospital near me, the toal expences, doctor told me, was beyond my reach.

In terribally worried condition & chanting prayer of God, me & my wife were coming to home & that happened. In front of me I saw my one of the old friend standing before me. As we are meeting after a long time, he noticed I am avoiding eye to eye contact with him because of the problem with my eyes. After digging by him, I told my problem.

That lead him to tell me the name of one charitable hospital which is doing such operation in concessional rates. To tell you in short my operation was carried out successfully in the 10% of the expenditure of what the first doctor has told me.

I have tremendous trust in GOD. The meeting of my friend was occured because of HIM only. That is my faith. Hope some of you will treat this as an eye opening experience.

I will like to read your comments on this!

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DarrenNicola Premium
Thanks for sharing your testimony.
God is good.
All the best
Darren :)
Nihaoteo Premium
A wonderful testimony of faith in God who cares.
CDeshpande1 Premium
You said it right!
SaraPoyner Premium
Thank you for sharing your personal story : )
NnurseBecca Premium Plus
I am so glad you did not go blind.
CDeshpande1 Premium
My overconfidence took me to this stage. I had cut offed all the medicines on diabetes. That was a very big mistake.
As you said, fortunately, & only by God's grace, my sight was saved.
I think you know much about retinopathy!
Harilal3 Premium
Hi Chandrashekhar, thank you for sharing your experience. I had many experiences of God's grace.
My daughter was to get admission in degree engineering. I did not have sufficient money with me. I had decided that if money comes, we would go for admission.
A day before admission, I had received a good order with enough advance. She got admission on following day and rest is history.
CDeshpande1 Premium
We must go on keeping faith in HIM!