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Last Update: August 31, 2020

Hello all!

I am a week in to this program and already I have learned and accomplished so much. It is a great community to be involved with. I have enjoyed the progression of training, seen so many people encouraging others, and reaching out to help them move forward.

I now have my own website. Something I would never have dreamed in the past. Starting out I was unsure of what to do, where to start, or even how the system works. I hope to soon be able to have enough understanding to help others like the ones who are helping me.

I think I have enough understanding to get indexed and ranked. Still trying to build the site to a level it should be. The next step I am hoping to learn is the affiliate side and how to actually start making money. As long as I make enough to cover the expenses I have in place to continue learning from this platform I would be satisfied. I love to learn!

Good luck to you all, and keep up the great work I have reviewed within this community!


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JeffreyBrown Premium
Awesome, Chad!

AbieAJ Premium Plus
Congrats all the best
Joes946 Premium
Great Chad! You're in the right place!