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Last Update: Sep 18, 2017


One of my favorite motivational authors is Jim Rohn – His books contain many powerful messages. I think one of his most powerful is about how powerful our words can be.

The power of words is evident all around us. We see it here at Wealthy Affiliate and in our online businesses every day. I think it is important to realize that it is not just about the words that we use with everyone that we connect with, but just as important are the words that we use to ourselves.

A limit on the words that we use and think limits our vision and can limit be a limiting factor to our future. It has been proven that when you say and think what you really want, your resultant actions pull you in that direction. The mind is a very powerful thing. Our language choices reflect subtle differences in our attitude and can make a significant difference to our futures. We need to believe in the best. We need to say clearly what we want. We have to stop saying what we don’t want. The language we choose has to reflect our belief in the best, that we are moving toward the best and that we are eager for the best.

Don’t ask, “What if no one reads my blog?" Ask instead, “What if someone does read my blog?” Stop asking, "What if they don't respond?" Ask instead, "What if they do respond? " Instead of asking, "What if they say no?" ask, "What if they say yes?" Instead of asking, "What if they sign-up and quit?" ask, "What if they sign-up and stay?" Instead of saying, "What if it doesn't work?" ask, "What if it does work?"

The words we choose affect how others act and carry on around us. Take a teenager for instance. When a teenager tells a parent, "I need the car tonight." The parents can respond, “Sure no problem”, but a better response would be, "I don’t understand. That is not the language that you use to get permission to borrow the car. If you ask me, how can I earn the right to use the car and tell us where you are going, with whom and for how long? We might let you use the car.” With this response you are showing your teenager that choosing the right words (how can I earn the right to borrow the car) is a key philosophy to achieving end goals.

A farmer does not go out to his fields and say, "Give me a harvest." You know the field would say, "Who is this idiot that asks for a harvest and brings no seeds with him?" If you were to say to the fields, "I've have plenty of seeds, if I planted them, would you work with me while I sleep?" The fields would be more inclined to respond, "No problem, go ahead and plant those seeds, then go to get your sleep and I will work while you sleep." The principal is a simple matter of the language that we choose. Many stumble through life without learning them.

Your language has a great impact on your attitude, your actions and the results you achieve. It is like here at Wealthy Affiliate, if you don’t do the lessons and apply the learning, if you don’t listen to advice of the knowledgeable community, if you don’t get to know your audience and study the language or be willing to continue the search for the right language, your success will be limited.

The good news is that the power of words is not magic; We can change our lives if we really want to. We can all learn and reap the rewards of improvement when we are willing to pay the price. We can improve our lives. We can make our lives better. You can start this process of word choices at any time. Why not start today?

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Absolutely! Thank you for reading and for the feedback.

Hello Claudio, so incredibly well said! thank you for this.. I am a proponent of intentional language, meaning keeping it gentle and choosing words that shine positivity. I so do believe in the power of words. And I think this is a fabulous life lesson in life skills when we are so specific in our language. Thank your for writing this. As we are all now writers, you are so very right..our words can change not only our lives, but our readers.
great job, many blessings, ariel

Thank you for the kind words Ariel. So sorry I missed this when you replied.

Hi Claudio, thanks for this really thought-provoking post! What you say is very true and consequently has such a profound effect on our mindset and how we percieve the world around us! Sue :)

You are welcome. I totally agree with you Sue - The human mind is such a wonderful thing.

language is an assett that renews and sells itself constantly Claudio!

So true Mike.

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