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Last Update: Feb 3, 2020

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Darkness is being lost into and within a circle or pit of indecision. Being cut and entrapped in there becomes a nightmarish situation within a maze of confusion. Even though you have seen any fruits of your labor, keep it moving towards your goals. Sometimes, you need one more step to hit it big, just push yourself through the wall of limitation, discouragement and despair. And guess what... victory is awaiting.

The bottom of the pit was never your final destination. It was intended to teach the real lessons of life and help get through the obstacles ahead on your path. Wake up and swim out of that takes a lot of energy, determination and tactical fights. You got to have a purpose-driven life with success in mind. After a terrified night covered with dark and heavy clouds (problems), joy comes in the morning. Please set aside ample time to smile and enjoy your break, which is the beginning of your successful life.

This journey is the vivid resultant of all the events that you have endured in your life in order to always make the right decision. They were necessary enough to go through so you may complete the next chapter of your existence. Do not stop searching and moving forward a winning solution that suits your hard-fought battles and troubles. Be smart and proactive for the prize is awaiting you at the finish line.

Just sharing with you on the states of the mind. Darkness was supposed to bring the best out of you. The prize of the outcome is nearer than you think!

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Great post Charles

Thanks Joe for your approval of my blog post. Once again I can count on your vote as I need it the most. I want to thank you again for your help by reading my article.

Glad to help Charles.

Thanks again my friend.

Keep going, Charles!

Thank you Jeffrey for your encouragement and support. As always I do appreciate this little push!
Thanks again,

You're very welcome, Charles!

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