Last Update: May 31, 2015

Well, I am running into obstacles with my website. It is misbehaving. Sometimes, it takes obstacles to show us the way to go. I hope I can solve this. I have made progress with my ideas about content and hope to see improvements of my site soon. One thing I like to do here a WA is rate sites. It is so fun to see the great ideas people have for their sites and offer ways to inhancve their work.

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Rich908 Premium
This is what makes WA so exciting we learn all the time and we are stretched.

There are so many members here who will come to your rescue if you are stuck. The websites are amazing and with enough practise your website will also be something to be proud of
cawells Premium
Thanks because now I think my blog menu tab looks funny. I will request help. Always an issue but that's life.
OldMCSEGuy Premium
Yes indeed I have seen some really great websites here at WA. So I won't look stupid let me say great web sites in my opinion.