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Last Update: July 08, 2019

So it began. My first steps to begin moving on, began very quicky. I viewed to places but felt the cheaper one wasn't quite suitable to my needs as I have a lot of stuff. While I was pondering my next moved, I made a few more enquries. Went to my usual haunt at Teynham to get my Monday chips and did my thing.

Popped into a supermarket and one of the places I looked at were rooms in a large terraced house in Maidstone. I saw two rooms (one with it's own tiolet) and also viewed a room that was a front room adapted into a pretty large bedroom. The landlord was nice enough to allow me to bring the viewing foward so I could hop onto the M2 before it closed at 8pm (Motorway is being resurfaced). I will need to give the room a second look. He is also able to move furniture and do various things, I widen my search if the desired area doesn't produce any hits.

At my current accomadation.

Had a very lengthy discussion with a housemate as she is convinced that the landlord has no intention of giving her deposit back. Even though I'm keen to move on I will still need to do what I can to leave the house in the state it was in. It seems that non-gaurentee of a renewal is considered by many to be an unprofessional act of conduct from a landlord who had the month's notice of renewal.

I'm also wondering he's trying to force me out, hungry to keep my deposit (despite the fact it's not mine) or simply trying to make sure he has tenants he can bully about. I spoke with my Dad who is my guarentor and also whom is landlord himsef (rents out a property across the street). It really did spoil my weekend.

Folks on my street are upset at how my loyalty has been disregarded.

I feel quite happy tho, as I managed it amid fatigue from a long day at work. (started at 7am and finished at 4.30). All of the housemates and even the folks staying with one of them were in agreement about funding a professional cleaner to come in. While I might be a slightly less keen on moving that I felt yesterday (that was likely due to rage at his wanton tooldom). I'm doing what I can to tackle it all constructively.

I appericiated the kind comments yesterday. It helped a lot.

The photo is a colour altered edit of a sunset at Iwade from Friday. I altered the colours using Fusel Collage on my phone :)

Hvae a good evening folks. Monday was a bsuy but productive one. Also saw folks on my street to get their vibes. I though I'd keep you all updated :)

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firstlearn Premium
Sorry to hear about your landlord Chris. It sounds as if you will be a lot better off once you have moved out.

lesabre Premium
Hi Chris,

That landlord sounds like a nasty man. Sounds like you have a good support system, which is a bonus.

Wishing you all the best and I know you will in find new and better living arrangements.