Wealthy Affiliate My first month

Last Update: September 19, 2015

Well, here I am at the end of my first month here in Wealthy Affiliate. Wow! My head is still spinning. As usual, I jumped in with both feet, reading and clicking everything I could find on how to make money with internet marketing. I’ve tried for years to find a program like this, one that takes me by the hand and walks me through all steps. Even then, I get lost sometimes; after all I am old. My internet knowledge and comfort level is limited to say the least (my VCR clock is still flashing red). There are times when I have to do some sideways learning, but thank goodness that is provided through the program as well.

So far in just four short weeks, I’ve created a website at www.investigatinginternetincome.com, written 1 blog through WA, posted to my website twice (first time in my life) and joined all kinds of social platforms. I’d love to have fellow WAer’s join me. You can find me at Cathyonwa (name kind of gives it away doesn’t it) on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Google+. Now I just need to learn more about these wonderful sites.

In my ‘work’ job as a sales rep, I was always taught that if you wanted to increase your income, you just had to work harder. Now with Wealthy Affiliate in my back pocket, I’m working smarter and in my ‘free’ time for now. My goal in the next 3 months is to have an income from my first website starting to grow allowing me time to start my second website and niche with the third following again hopefully in another 3 months. I’m a giddy as a school girl (yeah, old phrase) and get excited with each new training course. Thank you Kyle and Carson for showing me how easy all this can be.

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BobBrooks Premium
Love your site, you did an awesome job putting that together