Progress: My Journey On WA Thus Far

Last Update: July 26, 2015

Hi all,

So we need to create a blog about our progress. I’m not really sure where to start, or how this will end, but here it goes!

I signed up to WA at the end of June (2015), and within a few days decided to go premium. Why? For a few simple reasons: I always have questions, I love helping people, and not being able to communicate with others after the 7 day trial period was making me feel anxious.

Finding a niche was harder than I thought it would be. Not because I had no idea what to choose, but because I had too many ideas, that my head kept spinning and I just didn’t know what I should do.

Once I finally settled on something, and bought the domain on namecheap, it hit me – I was stuck with one subject, one niche, and one thing to focus on.

At this point I asked a question to the community, which was the following:

  • How do you stay motivated with whatever niche you decided on?
  • I get bored really easily and feel like changing niche almost every other day b/c I find something new I'm interested in...
  • I will stick with what I chose, but I'm having trouble with content, because I have 100,000 things turning in my head about different things and just can't seem to focus on what I should be doing to get that part done...

It’s not that I don’t have anything to say, on the contrary I have a ton of things to say about the niche I chose, but my head is like the Tasmanian devil - it spins at 500km/hr.

Having to focus on anything for more than 10-15 minutes is like asking the sun not to come up one morning. On the other hand, focusing on to many things is setting myself up for failure (so creating more than 1 site at this time isn’t an option).

I always finish the things I do. However, I like when things have a start, a middle, and an end. Like a puzzle you need to put together - even if that puzzle has 1000 pieces. I know that this doesn't really have an end, it needs to be for the long term.

I say that I procrastinate, but it's more that I'm scared.

Scared that I'll get tired with my niche, scared that the content will be filled with errors, scared that it won't be readable, scared that I'll bore myself, scared that I won't have time to continue working on the site once classes start, and pretty much scared that sometimes I don't really care enough to be scared.


  • Because I’m a francophone, I'm scared about typos, phrasing, and all that stuff which would make the site I’m working on look unprofessional...
  • Yes, I agree that we need to write naturally, but too many typos or grammatical errors do result in reader distrust.

Perhaps personal progress in my case would mean being less hard on myself and being less of a perfectionist

Furthermore, my site progress includes the following:

  • I’ve posted content, but I still wish I’d get feedback on typos, grammatical errors, phrasing, etc.
  • I’ve gotten feedback - Thanks to those who have helped me.
  • I’ve gotten comments. Kinda wish people would give more, but the give and take comments section doesn't work for me.

Next steps:

  • Continue posting content as diversified as possible
  • Get ranked in Google
  • Get page views and unique visitors (400 unique visitors within the next 2-3 months)
  • Get accepted to affiliate programs (I need the visitors for that in some cases)

That's it for now,


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timsproducts Premium
Just let it flow naturally. People want to relate to people yeah !! my spelling is the worse and my partner puts it right for me before I publish but still i find myself finding errors weeks later when i read through. Site feedback is a great help too :)
glodesigns Premium
Francphone. Never heard that yet. Very interesting.

There are however many grammatical and spelling faux pas on the internet and while it can look unprofessional, we are only human.

You might look back one day and be sorry for time wasted thinking of this stuff. I can relate, actually.

Maybe you can think of doing drafts, then make them "perfect" later on. At least something concrete will be developed on a regular basis.

I think your site is nice but you say you upgraded to Premium and I only see that one Google site listed. Any others? I just upgraded today so I don't even know how to list sites yet.

Best of luck to you!

Catherine9 Premium
Didn't put it up on my profile. I had and then decided to take it off.
Tracey5259 Premium
I feel like we are on the same page haha, I'm also about three days in and grasping for air every once in awhile after diving in head first into the learning process and content creation of my website. Keep your head up and stay focused!
Catherine9 Premium
Welcome to WA Tracey and thank you for your comment.
It does seem like alot of information to take in at times, but if you follow the lessons 1 by 1, you'll quickly see that it's a step by step process that is quite easy to follow.
Best of luck,