Delighted to be here

Last Update: August 07, 2018

Hi there I'm delighted to have joined as a premium member and looking forward to starting my new business and learning how to build it up over time.

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delroy2222 Premium
Great to have you here, Carolyn.
Best wishes.
slodeje Premium
Hi Carolyn,
Welcome on board to WA Premium Membership Level.
Ask questions if the need arises. Stay focused and be ready to learn so you can start to monetise your business overtime.

Take care and see you at the top. :)


carolynb4 Premium
Thanks Sarah-Louise, I'm excited but nervous too but I will try and stay focused. How long have you been with WA?

slodeje Premium
My pleasure Carol, yes I can understand how you feel. The reason being, I was once at the stage you are now. I had a mixture of excitement & nervousness too. But I was so determined to stay focused and be alert to enable me maximise wealth. In response to your question, I joined WA on the 26th of April 2018. How about you?

See you at the top. :)