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Hi I'm feeling despondent tonight.I've been really excited doing all my training and writing some content on my new website and I did an interview with someone whose products are on Etsy. So I asked to join Etsy and said I had many products to promote. Maybe I've gone ahead of myself but I don't understand their answer. They rejected me on the grounds that the advertiser doesn't work with this type of publisher.What on earth does that mean? Because I would be promoting their products from t
August 19, 2018
It's the school holidays here in the UK still and so time is quite limited here at the moment but I'm trying to stay positive and excited as it's only been a couple of weeks for me here at WA but each day I make sure I do a lesson. My main passion is Disney and I'm going to try to follow that passion to narrow it down to a particular Disney item to share with people so it's not too broad of a niche. One minute I think maybe I should try another niche but I'm going to stick with this and give
August 12, 2018
Hi everyone, well I've been here a few days as a premium member and really enjoying the training so far. I have school holidays and family commitments at the moment but each day I look at the training. I have just set up my first website and as you can see from the picture above my passion is Walt Disney World in Florida. I'd love to make it into a niche but not sure what to do just yet as of course there are loads of Disney Sites on the web but I'm really wanting to find that something a bi
August 07, 2018
Hi there I'm delighted to have joined as a premium member and looking forward to starting my new business and learning how to build it up over time.