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Last Update: August 12, 2018

Hi everyone, well I've been here a few days as a premium member and really enjoying the training so far. I have school holidays and family commitments at the moment but each day I look at the training. I have just set up my first website and as you can see from the picture above my passion is Walt Disney World in Florida. I'd love to make it into a niche but not sure what to do just yet as of course there are loads of Disney Sites on the web but I'm really wanting to find that something a bit different but not sure I can. I'm also based in the UK.

Over the next few days I shall try and narrow my niche down, if anyone has any suggestions I'd so love to hear them.

Bye for now.


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Jessibelle72 Premium
Wow! I am sure you will find a great niche! At first I had real problems coming up with ’something good’, ’narrow enough’ etc but then the ideas just popped up. It’s great and ’new’ to me to tap into that creativity again - takes some time to ger it going but then there is no stop! Wish you best of luck!
carolynb4 Premium
Thanks Jessica, yes this is half my battle, hopefully will get there, thanks for your advice. Carolyn
newlive Premium
Hi Carol..good one nice looking picture!..Hope you enjoyed your time there. I think if you want to promote something about Disney? that is a big market but if you can find a niche within that market then you should not have any problems..If you are passionate about it and it is something you have always wanted to do then go for it. Being passionate about something will give you the motivation when it gets a bit tough out there.. Wishing you well
carolynb4 Premium
Thanks Gus. Yes definitely a massive passion of mine. Just need to narrow it down, thanks for replying. Carolyn