Healing the Planet and Eradicating the Corona Virus

Last Update: April 05, 2020

What a wonderful experience!

Last night at 10:45 PM EDT, the exact moment that Jupiter and Pluto came into conjunction,
I participated in a group intentional meditation. People from all over the world gathered in spirit to meditate together in order to heal the planet and eradicate the COVID-19 virus.

Afterwards, I couldn't sleep--I had to write!

The words just kept coming, and I had to get up to capture them before they escaped and were lost in my dreams.

After following the guided imagery provided, I had an awesome vision.

While deep in meditation, I watched a million points of light all focusing their dazzling healing energy on the Earth. All challenges that have been destroying this wonderful planet, such as hurricanes, earthquakes, wars, hatred, volcanoes famines, pestilence, global warming, air pollution, and all unknown and unseen issues, were targeted by those laser lights of pure love.

The intentional energy projected by millions of loving hearts dissolved all negativity, leaving a newly reborn planet.

A glorious rainbow arched across clear Carolina blue skies that were free of contaminants. Verdant green forests, mountains, and fields hosted rejoicing creatures of all kinds. Birds warbled their joy at this new beginning, and all living organisms experienced the luxury of living in peace, harmony, and love, without fear.

Then the scene changed, and the air filled with dark black Corona virus molecules.

The glossy black particles glimmered in the sunlight, hiding their deadly tendencies. I watched in awe as a million points of white light converged to form a brilliant shaft of blinding light, swallowing up the virus. This concentrated energy and heat began to change the virus molecules, turning them bright red and yellow. They sparkled in the intense light as the chemical reaction occurred within. I watched in awe as tiny yellow pieces began to break off and blow away. The remaining red particles dancing in the sunlight morphed into rose petals and floated harmlessly to the ground.

Celestial music filled the air as the Earth rejoiced in the knowledge that it had been freed from the bondage of fear, despair, and death of the COVID-19 virus.

People throughout the world who were afflicted with the deadly disease began to recover, and the world's suffering and fear subsided. Happiness, peace, and joy abounded. The Earth and all her creatures basked in the love of the Universe sent by millions of people all meditating intentionally together.

This meditation changed my perspective of the situation, replacing fear with hope.

Now I believe that a concerted, consistent practice of prayer and meditation can bring about positive change, eventually eliminating COVID-19 and all the negativity surrounding it. Would anyone be interested in participating in a regularly scheduled continuing intentional meditation group to combat the virus with our minds, energy, and hearts? To paraphrase John Lennon, "imagine all the people healing all the world"....Let's give it a try and see what happens! What do you think?

Carol Meador

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TJCannefax Premium
Beautiful blog. It really moved me. I got goose bumps. I've been away from WA for some time for a couple of reasons and plan on getting back to it soon and thought I'd check in and clicked on this. What a find this morning and well needed as to everything going on. I would be interested in guided meditations. I believe there is power in our words we profess and in people coming together in a positive way. I believe in prayer and meditation. We can send positive energy to heal others, animals and the world. We live in a beautiful Universe.
CarolMeador Premium
Thanks, TJ. Glad you liked it. It was a truly moving experience for me as well. Sending you a PM
accad Premium
Wonderful vision. I had a good rest. It seemed everything is in quiet and tranquility.
CarolMeador Premium
Thanks, Jimmy. That's what I felt as well.
RosanaHart Premium Plus
Loved reading your experience.
CarolMeador Premium
Thanks, Rosana. Appreciate it.
LindaBaxter Premium
I'm a firm believer in Fasting and prayer bringing about miracles!

CarolMeador Premium
Our belief in them helps bring them about. Thanks for your comment, Linda.
Debbi26 Premium
It sounds very interesting. I believe meditation and prayer do miracles.

CarolMeador Premium
Thanks, Sui. I do, too.