This week was also world toilet day on19 November!

Last Update: November 21, 2014

This might sound like a ridiculous thing for the UN to advocate a full day of attention to but here are some reasons why and I will give you links to some of the activities that occurred on this day. I know how lucky we are with our first world problem being mainly we might drop our mobile phones in the toilet but doesn’t the rest of the world matter??

How does this impact us?”. Try traveling to some of these countries and it might open your eyes.Like you all, I complain bitterly at every event or outing, when there is always a line up for the ladies and we all lament to total strangers ” why don’t they just always put in more female toilets?”. We all stamp our feet outside, sometimes in desperation, wondering what the hell the person inside is doing to take so long. Or if you are campers and you have to go out in the open, didn’t you feel just that little bit vulnerable with squatting with your pants around your ankles? Just imagine, just for a second how it must feel to be one of these women.

As a Little girl about nine in Australia I was nearly attacked by a stranger in a public toilet in Adelaide only saved from worst consequences by my little brother.

1 out of 3 women in our world today risk Shame, Harassment and even Attack because she has nowhere safe to go to the toilet.

Again because there are so many picture it is easier for you to read the full article.

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