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I hope you and your families all have wonderful Christmas and prosperous and healthy New year. As a member of the Lions of Peregian, we have just achieved amazing success by coordinating the Peregian Beach Local Christmas Carols on short notice after the Surf Life Saving Club couldn't do it because they were closed down. WA assisted because I used it and the skills I have learnt here to create and manage the Website for the event. I only wish I could get that amount of traffic to my site :
I lived in Sydney for over 13 years and it is literally one of the most beautiful places on Earth. This past 24 hours have been such a nightmare for all Australians, particularly those caught up in this act of violence and their families and friends. One of the great things about Australia is that OUR Media refused to give this nut-bag a voice by showing his rants and demands live. I am so proud of them. Whilst this was terrorism, I don’t believe it can be tagged with the rest of the ISIL Vio
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International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women This is one of my greatest passions and something I call out to all of you to take notice of. The link is to my full article. Please read and take the pledge or list your support over the next 16 days. No matter where you live or what socio-economic group you belong to, tonight as you eat your dinner or watch TV, a woman somewhere close is suffering from violence. Wear Orange anytime over the next 16 days to
This might sound like a ridiculous thing for the UN to advocate a full day of attention to but here are some reasons why and I will give you links to some of the activities that occurred on this day. I know how lucky we are with our first world problem being mainly we might drop our mobile phones in the toilet but doesn’t the rest of the world matter?? “How does this impact us?”. Try traveling to some of these countries and it might open your eyes.Like you all, I complain bitterly
Hi I don't want to write this whole blog again but this is an issue I am really passionate about and it is an extensive blog with lots of pictures so it is best if you just go to my site to read if you don't want to do that at the very least please do the pledge belowTHE #WOMENWOW PLEDGETO EMPOWER, CELEBRATE AND SUPPORT WOMEN IN BUSINESS AND BUILD A STRONG NETWORK FOR CHANGE WORLDWIDE To make the pledge go to http:/
Hi everyone I am so proud of my site now. Thanks for all the training and help. I have worked really hard to get this page right. I would love you to visit the page and leave some feedback and even better go shopping :) If you could share the link with all your friends that would be great too. As you all know any feedback on the site helps with my rankings. Thanks in advance Womaninourworld Shopping Mall
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October 12, 2014
I am starting to think this social marketing strategy is akin to the emperors new clothes. I have followed all of the marketing strategies in the Affiliate Bootcamp. I now have over 100 tweet followers and have had over 90 facebook likes of the articles posted on my website,liked. My twitter is now filled with people who are all trying to sell me something, many of them wealthy affiliates, my facebook, even though I set up a special business page, this site doesn't seem to allow you to ensure y
September 13, 2014
So the feedback you all kindly gave me was that I know about being a woman seemed liked the one that resonated the most. I was then advised to look at the competition for what I had in mind. OMG I have spent hours laughing. When you type in "advice for women" sites it was amazing. At least 60% initial search came up with titles like " how to get a man", How to please a man", "What do men want from women", "how to please a man in bed" etc etc. Another 25% the involved "how to lose weight", "How
September 11, 2014
So I am up to lesson 3 in discovering my niche. So I have thought very hard about it. They say you should stick with what you know so I have thought really hard about that and narrowed it down to 3 things and would like some feedback about which one would be a good and interesting way to start on this and attract business so here they are 1. I know lots about IT. I can walk into nearly any IT situation and make things happen that no one else could. I have worked alI around the world and have ha