Do you have what it takes?

Last Update: June 25, 2016

How would I know what it is I need?

We all need to know where/whom would I turn to and who could I possibly rely on to find the actual answer?

I'm sure you wouldn't have any reservations listening to someone who has definitely put his money where his mouth is...... Steve Jobs he says;

"I'm Convinced that about half of what separates the Successful entrepreneurs from the Non-successful ones is Pure PERSEVERANCE"

Well there it is and certainly from a reliable source which most people would have no problem believing that he was certainly an expert at just that Perseverence.........and where did it lead to well as we all know he was the co-founder, CEO, chairman & majority shareholder of the Phenominally Successful Apple Inc!

So how is this information of any actual benefit to you and I and our involvement with WA?


What we can all do is the little things, if we simply follow the process our success is a given whether we know a little or a lot it doesn't matter one bit.

Whatever we need to learn is served on a platter to us unlike anything Steve Jobs would have had to guide him on his path to success and who could he go to for advice...... well him and his business partner were it and maybe a small group of fellow trail blazers.

They had no video step by step lessons, online support available from a huge online community like we have, yes we are showered with information and support beyond anything I've ever seen online.

So let's do just what we need to do to succeed "PERSEVERE"

Kind Regards your fellow worker!


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Loubelle Premium
Hi Carla, thanks that is helpful.Im following you.
JudeP Premium
We do have the most wonderful resources right here at WA and so I strongly believe we are all 'in the right place at the right time' :)
Carla1 Premium