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Last Update: June 19, 2019

Hello WA World!

I thought I'd write my first blog post exploring my highlights thus far. Any feedback is of course welcome, and if anyone relates or has questions please don't hesitate to post or message me!

I joined WA about 2 weeks ago through an awesome article I read on online jury (trial jury) resource websites. Thanks to Steve @IveTriedThat I discovered WA.

Funny enough, now that I have learned the basics at WA, I have a new respect for the helpful and passionate article that Steve wrote that led me here.

I have a lot of niche ideas and passion that I hope to use in many different avenues of affiliate marketing. I went with the wedding space for my first niche, specifically I felt like through my own journey as a groom who planned and helped with almost every facet of my wedding, that I could help other men (and women too honestly) with cost saving tips and techniques I found useful or have discovered even since marrying that helped me out.

Using the SiteRubix platform I was easily able to make a really cool site and have thus far created 3-4 articles that I feel do a decent job at creating a welcoming and safe space that conveys the future of saving money, time and energy for those out there planning a wedding.

I have been able to re-vamp my articles with media which at present is somewhat rudamentry. I am sure I will get better at the layout and design aspect in time.

I am just about to finsih the level 2 training, and I am very excited to move to step 3. This blog, and one more article with good keyword content will get me there.

I do work full time as a licensed mental health therapist, so my time right now is limited to 1-3 hours a night working on this. So far I give myself a B+ in regards to success and level of effort put forth.

I think more than anything else so far, the two things I appreciate are the ease of trainings, and the support i've gotten from not only Kyle and Steve, but already dozens of WA members.

I've even been able to help quite a few members and made some really cool acquantances in the process.

I am really excited to get further into the training, and am extremely hopeful for that moment i can get the ol' Google to notice my site!

Please feel free to drop me a line, as I am enjoying meeting new members, and I love helping people. Though I am a therapist, I also spent 10 years on GeekSquad at Best Buy, so I am tech savvy and have a good eye for design. Happy to help in any way I can!

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AlexEvans Premium
Hi Ken looks like you are making very good progress since landing here in WA, the training and resources certainly work in our favor and if you have that tech background then you will have an added advantage.

Best wishes as you continue to explore the opportunity.
captgeech21 Premium
Thanks so much Alex. I am struggling a bit with time. I wish I had more time to dedicate to this. But I am trying to do something daily whether its planning or actual content creation or just training. I know I will get to the point where it will get better. I guess I am just dreaming of this being a full-time thing sooner rather than later which is just unrealistic. But even "part-time" i'll be happy if I ever get any revenue generated at all. Heres hoping! I thank you for your comment sir.