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It Got Indexed! Woohoo!What a fun e-mail to wake up to. My site is indexed with Google! It was super frustrating searching the exact site and having Google block it! I have had a much slower journey than many, as I am quite slammed at my job right now physically and emotionally. I don't get the kind of time I wish I had to put into my site. But I do chip away at it almost every night.I am just getting into adding affiliate links, Google Adsense, etc. So this indexing c
Hello WA World!I thought I'd write my first blog post exploring my highlights thus far. Any feedback is of course welcome, and if anyone relates or has questions please don't hesitate to post or message me!I joined WA about 2 weeks ago through an awesome article I read on online jury (trial jury) resource websites. Thanks to Steve @IveTriedThat I discovered WA. Funny enough, now that I have learned the basics at WA, I have a new respect for the helpful and passionate article that Steve wrote