Always Flying away - as I seek knowledge.

Last Update: July 02, 2019

My Birdy Life Style:

When I want to talk about being passionate, I would like to want to say I want to have the passion of an Eagle, Flying so high above the sky, only to perch wherever he chooses. As I continue to learn calm and wild and applying this knowledge to every area of my online business I guess it's a fly away Paul fly away Peter, come back Paul, come back Peter, situation for now. Lol.

I really miss you @ WA

the truth is when I see your emails in my inbox, my heart gushes at every notification, despite sometimes the conditions may not be favourable to view. I have grown into keeping you so close, and you have become my digital family and community, no security fee, light fee, water bills. Please how is cooking rice tonight, am hungry.


Do not be scared when I preach this love, because it is what I also practice, i am loving you not because of what you can offer me, but I am giving you My heart because of what I am willing to offer you my love. I may not know you but as long as you are human, you are a soul and we are related by LOVE not by Blood.


Ha! I got you there, you think am going to love you without asking for help?? Oh Please, what is love when there is no money?

Love is all I am, without love there will be no money, without money love will still remain, it's eternal, its what rules both the physical and spiritual, the only gateway to life and death, so you see you have to work hard to make it pure.

😢😢😢PLZ PLZ PLZ! I want you to help me send out to the world pieces of love, and positive energy, the world has lacked it for too long, let's bring back that healing feeling back like the old ways. Thats all I want you to help me with. I know I need money but love comes first in all I do. I AM AFRICA, I AM CAPTAIN M💕

Marvellous, Mufasa.


Thank you @WA.

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Vickic3 Premium
Fly high Mr and be awesome all the way to the top
CaptainM7 Premium
Thank you so much, I will be as awesome as you have guided. Greetings from Africa.
DarrenNicola Premium
Greetings from Australia, the eagle can teach us all how to live a blessed life.
We have a saying, do you want to be an eagle or do you prefer to be a turkey.
Always a eagle for me.
Darren :)
CaptainM7 Premium
Yea DarrenNicola always an Eagle, greetings from Africa.
JKulk1 Premium
Hi Captain
Much love from Australia . Jim
CaptainM7 Premium
Hello Jk. Nice to meet you, am from Nigeria
Carson2 Premium
I grew up in the hippie days, so Peace and Love to you and everyone who remembers Woodstock .
CaptainM7 Premium
Thank you sir. i guess am from the new generation, we barely know how it feels to love genuinely like in the hippie days.
AffMktgRt Premium
Aye Captain, thank you for your wonderful post we appreciate the love and will be inspired by it to pay it forward.

CaptainM7 Premium
Blessings, and always pay it forward, great things yet await us all. thank you.