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Do you have that annoying ringing in your ears, known as Tinnitus, that just doesn't want to go away? Sometimes it gets so loud you can't hear anyone speaking without asking them to repeat what they just said. I have and it can be quite irritating because it is embarrassing to have to keep asking what is being said. You get to the point where you just smile and nod and don't answer. Then they look at you like you have three heads. Oh no what did they just ask you? Now you just want to get up an
June 22, 2017
How do I put a comments and reply box on my website?
Today I signed up for my first affiliate program for my niche. This is the beginning of my online business, I am both excited and scared. Now that the reality of becoming a online business owner is setting in, I'm both excited and apprehensive. I have to trust myself to be my own boss and make my dreams come true.My eyes are burning from reading the Terms of Agreement for the affiliate program. I signed less paperwork getting a mortgage for my home then I did signing up for an affiliate program
Wow I can't believe how much I have accomplished in 12 days. I have got the initial layout for my website, l bought my own domain, learned how to use keywords, learned how to write content, apply graphics and wrote three posts. Not only did I write three posts I posted them to my Google Plus account and shared them with my friends on Facebook. Take a deep breath and Breathe! My niche is fragrance, body and bath and essential oils. My website name is https://scentfulcollections.comI have mee