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Last Update: August 03, 2021

Who would've thought we'd be living in these weird times of dis-ease in August 2021?

Looking back on it all,17 months ago, I thought life was going great. I scored a promotion with a $10k payrise, then covid struck, the world went into turmoil, our country went into a 4-week lockdown & I found myself ... jobless.

I was so pissed with the world. I worked my butt off throughout that lockdown month for nothing, left the bitterness of having no job & jumped into researching in a second property (as it's always been a passion of mine). My partner seemed settled in his job & it looked like we were heading towards a better life nevertheless. I was sooo wrong.

The stress of me not being in work really weighed heavily on us not being able to purchase this property we'd fallen in love with. I'd watched as the interest rates dropped & house prices increased to figures never seen before & then the government starting clamping down on investors wanting to own multiple properties. It felt like we were not destined for success in 2020 & I'd realised - stuff this! I had put everyone elses needs ahead of my own & I finally wanted to do something for myself.

Years earlier, I had looked into a 15 week full stack web development course, but just could not justify the expense or the relocation accommodation fee for that period. Thanks to covid, an online course became available & although it had been about 10 years since I studied coding, it was something I wanted to tackle; just because.

Besides being a minority, I am a Maori/Cook Island Mama & the oldest one in my cohort, I didn't care. I was wiser & seasoned & just knew I'd be able to tackle. OMFG, they said it was hardcore & it WAS. I got over the line but boy, had drama getting there. I lived & breathed this world throughout that entire period & my body took the baine of it all, it was breaking & I was tired! I needed a break!

Stopping to smell the roses was refreshing. I had the chance to figure out what made me happy & what I wanted to do in life. Our kids were self sufficient & no longer dependents. I was wishing for another place to move to & yet I was wanting to move out of the home I had fallen in love with over the years. It took a conversation with a work colleague that made me realise, I needed to fall in love with what we have right here & now.

And that's why I'm in the happiest moment in life right now. I've been working for an old boss & although it's only 3 days/week, I'm physically active, my braincells are on autopilot & we are financially stable. Due to having a 4-day weekend, there's a lot of home maintenance getting done & I'm loving the life we have right now. There's no stress; we're not living outside of our means & this down time is giving me a chance to just breath.

I have a whole list of interests & talent, that I'm wanting to tap into. Now is the time to focus on new opportunities.

May you all have the drive & passion to follow your dreams; it's never too late to tackle!

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IsabeloJ3 Premium
Yes, you're right if your passion is what you have started before then you will pursue it now especially we are in pandemic time most of the people now willing to stay longer at home than roaming around the city, and very dangerous thing to acquire the virus, and that's the thing to be avoided,