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August 03, 2021
Who would've thought we'd be living in these weird times of dis-ease in August 2021?Looking back on it all,17 months ago, I thought life was going great. I scored a promotion with a $10k payrise, then covid struck, the world went into turmoil, our country went into a 4-week lockdown & I found myself ... jobless.I was so pissed with the world. I worked my butt off throughout that lockdown month for nothing, left the bitterness of having no job & jumped into researching in a second proper
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February 13, 2018
Have you ever been in a position where you know you're talented, you have a lot to offer & yet here you are stuck in the life you've been dealt, with no escape route out of the rat-race? You're lying dormant wondering what path are you supposed to take? Is there anyone out there to help you? There's always someone out there; you've just gotta keep your eyes open!I still stare in amazement at those who've harnessed their talent so well that they can wake up in the mornings & smile knowin
November 22, 2017
WOW, 2017 is zipping by rather quickly & I'm finally able to spend some much deserved time in the land of WA.Hope all is going well with everyone & people are smashing out their goals before the festive season closes in.Although I'm not native to the States, I'm still drawn towards Thanksgiving & just love the thought of making memories with friends & loved ones over a home cooked meal while the men-folk watch NFL. To me it's being thankful that we can slow down our lives just t
September 13, 2016
WOW! Huge feat in itself. Thanks to everyone who've decided I'm worthy enough to be added to their network! Focus on your dreams; aiming far & beyond!
Gees, stopped off & added a song to my playlist on my website ... hours later & I should be counting sheep! Oh well, the sites looking better!
Sorry it's been quiet on this side of the fence ... had a positive job opening that allows me to get paid to dress up in girly clothes, doing less hours while mucking around with powerpoints! Jobs way too easy!I constantly need to pinch myself & check in, nope, not a dream!Miss working in WA & on my websites, but love utilising my skills that have been dormant for years!To me, it's cemented the reason why I took a step back last year in order to move forward & now I see the stars al
Sad to be me! Was all excited seeing someone subscribe to my website that the "too good to be true" alarm bells were a-ringing ... & I had to listen ...Contact info looked legit ... but if you googled things ... damn suspicions are on the money; bloody spammers!2nd subscriber ... yup same thing!Urgh, what happened to my protective bubble??
Sometimes life plods along automatically ...You get upGo to workPay billsCome homePrepare mealsOrganise extra curricular stuff - sports, music, cultural stuff, art ... etcSort out home / car maintenance stuffSort out kids, partners & pets livesSee loved ones or miss seeing loved onesBond with friends or miss socialising due to being too busySave money for a rainy day or spend it so quickly you can't quit your day job!And before you know it, life's gone by too quickly & you're in the sam
Okie dokie, some people may find this one a little weird ... but do you go around with these thoughts popping into your head that just constantly nag at you?Alright, if it's a little sinister, then NOPE, WRONG THOUGHTS! LOL, but seriously ...There's a time when some thoughts are on constant repeat, where you're supposed to take action somewhere, but brush the thought aside thinking it's too difficult or not achievable!But then you stop & jot things down & the voices start quietening dow
Have been mulling over this investment for a few years now & today I finally bit the bullet! Serious business time now!