Disengage the autopilot light & rediscover ones passion!

Last Update: June 21, 2016

Sometimes life plods along automatically ...

  • You get up
  • Go to work
  • Pay bills
  • Come home
  • Prepare meals
  • Organise extra curricular stuff - sports, music, cultural stuff, art ... etc
  • Sort out home / car maintenance stuff
  • Sort out kids, partners & pets lives
  • See loved ones or miss seeing loved ones
  • Bond with friends or miss socialising due to being too busy
  • Save money for a rainy day or spend it so quickly you can't quit your day job!

And before you know it, life's gone by too quickly & you're in the same ol', same ol', trying to keep a roof over your head & belly's full while wondering what the heck have you done with your life?!

Well I'm here to remind you to stop & smell the roses! Turn off that autopilot button & jot down your dreams!

What was it that you always wanted to do? Way before you had any other commitments? Are you following the path destined for you or are you stuck in a rut going nowhere?


  • Are they the same dreams you saw yourself doing years ago?
  • Are you still passionate about them now?
  • If they differ, is this something you can see yourself doing?
  • Do you have the skills required to follow these dreams?
  • Or are the skills easy enough to learn?
  • Would this avenue bring you happiness?

NOW, out of your busy schedule, try & find a few minutes each day to rediscover what you're passionate about, focus on it & before you know it, you'll start realigning your thoughts to what you want in life & eventually ... more time & a way to survive by following your passions, will align up for you.

And when it happens: tell me your secret so I can follow how you did it too! LOL! Just kidding!

But don't be scared to disengage that autopilot light; I kid you not, IT IS DAUNTING ... I did it based on faith ... believing I was more talented than what I was being utilised for & now avenues are opening up for me to be recognised for harnessing talent I'm passionate about, where it doesn't feel like work & the job's so easy I can do it in my sleep! Fingers crossed it opens more doors!

So don't give up on your dreams; believe in yourself!

May you all find great success rediscovering ones own passion/s!

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Kaciesmama Premium
Yep this is all so true
camandche Premium
Good luck with that Pauline!
Ecowarrior Premium
Nice to be reminded of this, so great post Cheryl, thanks!
camandche Premium
Thanks Lisa!
GabriellaK Premium
Great post Cheryl! Valuable to keep in mind! Thank you!
camandche Premium
Thanks Gabriella!
theresroth Premium
I believe this is a necessity to attain happiness and keep it....
Thank you for an excellent post!
camandche Premium
Thanks for that Therese!
JudeP Premium
Great post and fab reminder, thank you :)
camandche Premium
Thank Jude!