The very worst

Last Update: July 21, 2016

So--I headed off to London, arriving there on the afternoon of 22nd June--a month ago today. My ex-husband was meeting me at Heathrow and we planned to go to the hospice and see Samantha. In the queue at immigration, I activated my mobile phone and checked that Michael was waiting at the gate. He was. Then I checked Facebook, and the first thing I saw was a post from my youngest daughter, beginning 'RIP my sister . . . '

I had not anticipated this, though I was aware that her condition was deteriorating. It was a dreadful blow, and I completely 'lost it' in the queue--but staff were beautiful and I was whisked through passport control and customs and sobbed in Michael's arms for some time.

Her funeral, a week later, was pretty well as she had planned. A bright pink coffin. Everybody in bright clothing, and a big party at home afterwards. In a few months, her ashes will be scattered in her favourite place off the coast of Thailand.

So--from the time I left for London, I have not been doing anything whatsoever with WA until this moment.

During the next week or so, I shall get back to my websites and see what happens.

I am back at work (I am a teacher-librarian), but nothing seems real or close. It is as if I am floating somewhere and not quite connecting. The staff here are wonderfully supportive--from the Principal to the lady who cleans my library and office. The students were glad to see me back--quite a number of them expressed that. It is such a blessing to have a career as a teacher!--at least in NSW government schools.

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SamiWilliams Premium
Even though we prepare, we are not prepared.
God's speed to your healing, and adjustment to her death.
Calypso47 Premium
Thank you all for your messages of support and condolence. It is a dreadful time in our family.
MKearns Premium
My deepest thoughts and prayers are with you.
MPollock Premium
You have my deepest sympathy Take care.
JudeP Premium
I'm so sorry that it happened before you managed to get there. Thoughts are with you :)