Sheer chaos!

Last Update: August 16, 2016

Gosh I hope 2016 improves! Nothing can take away the grief for my daughter Samantha. She would have been 49 on 18/08/2016, so Thursday will be a difficult day.

Some 'dreaded lurgi' has been doing the rounds at school and I have had several days off--going back tomorrow,

And on Saturday, 20th, my daughter Jessie, her two boys and I are moving into a beautiful rented house in a great suburb--and the house is directly across the road from the school both boys attend. No more missed buses! But what chaos!! Jessie and I both are teachers, and schools are almost never close to places like banks and post offices. Nor is there much private time to make private calls of a financial nature. There is a lot of packing to be done, but two of Samantha's children (aged 20 and 15) are here, so I am hoping they will find time between social engagements to lend a hand.

At the beginning of the year, Jessie started working in a special needs school. Not long after she commenced her teacher training (she had formerly been PA to a barrister), her husband deserted her, but she managed to get through.

But, for me, there is a light is at the end of the tunnel as far as WA is concerned. When order returns, I'll be able to concentrate and perhaps make a little money.

What happened to someone's suggestion that we buy from Amazon via each other's websites? I thought it was a great suggestion, and have been waiting wistfully ever since.

I wonder what will happen next.

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MKearns Premium
It's difficult to find words to respond to your situation. Keep your daughter in your prayers and memories. and pick up the pieces of chaos one piece at a time.
Calypso47 Premium
Thank you. My daughter Jess and I will have to end the domestic chaos pretty soon because it is maddening to have to negotiate around unpacked boxes.

Samantha's two girls (aged 15 and almost 21) have been staying with us since 13th August when we had a memorial afternoon for Sam. It was a lovely afternoon held at an inner city pub, one of several managed by Sam's old friends Liz and Andrew. Jess had prepared a lovely set of photos from Sam's life and this was screened in a continuous loop. Some of us took the microphone and shared happy and tender memories of Sam. Even my second-youngest grandson, aged 12, participated. So beautiful.

It was really lovely having the girls with us, and we will miss them.

Believe me, it is extra hard when close family members live half a world away--24 hours flying time. Our family is close emotionally, so it is quite a challenge.
Calypso47 Premium
Thank you, Jude. It has been a terrible year.
JudeP Premium
I wish you the best of luck with the move and everything else which is going on in your life - my heart goes out to you regarding your daughter. WA will still be here when you get things sorted, so don't worry about that for now :)