My Greatest Wealthy Affiliate Achievement!

Last Update: Dec 14, 2020

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Most of my WA posted blogs seem to run on forever, so I will try my best (no promises) to keep this one under 1,500 words :)

You know short and sweet!


I first came to WA back sometime between 2010 or 2013. I visited so many platforms and looked at some many different systems during that time period I don’t remember exactly when: “old age forgetfulness setting in maybe – LOL”). Regardless, it was when they still had the old interface, like the image below

For some reason, back then, the just platform did not seem to click for me, so after the free trial period, I left.

I returned again, to WA back in May 2018; roughly five to eight years later. This time WA aligned up with my developmental growth so I eagerly joined. For some reason, the platform and everything happening on it clicked for me now?

I learned quickly that the WA ranking system was more of a great business strategy; rewarding more of the socializing, and those active on the platform, much like the social media platforms in my opinion, more so than those just sharing their business knowledge with others.

However, I quickly understood that your ranking here at WA can be affected by one or the other, or even both styles of activities. There are many pros and cons to the ranking system; we’ll leave that for a discussion debated at a later place and time. :)

The New Begining. . .

One of the very first things after paying for a premium membership (I didn’t hesitate this time), I did was go into the chat room and ask everyone to take a look at my brand new website I just built and if they could offer me some suggestions for improving it. Boy was that a huge WA platform mistake that I learned.

Almost immediately I received about 7 or 8 PMs; all informing me of the rules, a link so I could read them over, and informed me, in not so nice terminology, that chat was not the proper place to post a URL for feedback.

Not only that but two members I was talking to in chat both explained to me that posting your personal website link in chat was a major WA NO, NO!

WOW, was I ever embarrassed not even a premium member for a day and already was getting my butt chewed out for something I did: it made me rethink, that may be joining the WA platform was all just another big mistake. Luck fully, it was not and I have immensely enjoyed my stay here at WA.

Since then, I have had a few run-ins and disagreements with some of the members here: 2 or 3 times I have agreed that they go their way and I will go mine (those that know me: know I can be very stubborn at times). But overall everyone has been pretty civil, on–the–most–part with me, and I truly appreciate that about, this great WA community.


This afternoon, after opening my email account I was welcomed to a shocking but pleasing message from Carson and Kyle acknowledging my latest and probably greatest achievement at WA, That is reaching the rank of a ‘WA AMBASSADOR”, what a surprise this was to me (I am not a big WA rank watcher). I know that there is no monetary incentive from WA for achieving this rank, nor will it help my website(s) produce more commissions.

Meanwhile, in the last two-plus years that I have been a member here at WA, I have added to my 15 years of knowledge gained by experience (I have run so many tests over the years I could not even guess as to how many I have done) never-the-less I am still gaining knowledge and I still am learning almost daily here on the WA platform (you would be amazed what you can find within the WA search box).

Furthermore, it just recently dawned on me that I have been spending a lot of time answering questions posted in the various training level discussion threads and through PMs sent to me; asking questions from other members.

I was just trucking along answering questions for anyone I could: something I discovered about myself - I enjoy sharing with others and helping them to avoid the mistakes, setbacks, and major errors that I committed in the earlier years of my online business ownership: and believe me, there were plenty over the years.


To be completely honest with you the rank really does not mean that much to me, nor do I feel the title suits me, but what the rank stands for is a different story altogether.

An Ambassador: Wikipedia dot com describes it this way: person(s) “who are known, without national appointment, to represent certain professions, activities, and fields of endeavor such as sales.” I’m not so sure that mold will fit over this body (I promote other platforms bedsides WA) but I most definitely represent digit marketing in that caliper.

Additionally, I am grateful to all the people that needed a little help in their journey here in WA. Plain and simple, that is how I earned this achievement. To me, it is a distinguished pleasure to offer advice, help, or both to those that have questions or needs.

Thank you my fellow members I hope to continue on doing the platform proudly. I also hope to be able to continue to grow with WA; as it grows and morphs into whatever the co-founders (Carson and Kyle) decide what that will be


The grapevine has spoken and according to it; we will be getting glimpses of even more platform changes; as the continued to revamp and upgrade of the WA platform progresses. I think, the change will we be welcomed and will greatly enhance the platform making it even easier for us to run our businesses and ultimately helping us make money online.

By doing this they also give all of us more time so that we can come back to the platform more often to help other members – see how that works out for the benefit of all involved :)

Boy, those two (Carson and Kyle) are spot on! Furthermore, they are keeping the platform modern and upgraded with the latest new technology. Advancing WA to the next level in assisting us (there WA community) to having better and easily obtained profitable websites, so for that I thank them

I want to let everyone know that I am both honored and humbled by this achievement and will continue to strive to uphold the integrity that WA holds and has shown over the years. Additionally, I will help whenever, where ever, and however I can. So please by all means if you need help send me a PM and I will see what magic I can work up, to make your problem disappear: or that huge obstacle in your way, seem like a small crack to step over!

I did it under 1300 words - LOL

Together we got this!


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Continue on with your journey, and remember don't chew anyone's head off for making mistakes. Remember, you were there once. lol

I keep saying, people need to be a little nicer about how they approach issues. NO BIG DEAL. We are all here to help one another and assist in all of us reaching our goals.

Smile, do your own thing, and if need advice, go to people who care to assist you, not to blast you.

Have a great week, and again CONGRATULATIONS.. much deserved.


Hi Carla,

Words of advice taken, it is hard for me sometimes to show compassion, because of my passion for what, in most cases, I am protecting or I am defending. I have been working on it, I guess, it still needs much work on my part to master.

Yes I do agree the calmer approach normally gets better results, but I was always taught to be straight forward and honestly voice my concerns, sometimes people take this as a very assertive attitude.

But in reality, we all must find a way to get along and I find my method even though it is often misunderstood works best for getting my point cross. But I certainly understand your viewpoint and it too is taken with a grain of sand, and provokes thoughts to think about. :-)

Yes, what a fabulous way to start a week indeed!


Congratulations Calvin. It is an honor and an awesome responsibility to know we represent WA, what it stands for and where it is going.

You certainly do have an interesting history,. But we are glad you are here to stay now.

Your experience for all of these years will certainly be a big help to the WA community.

We wish you continued success and look forward to learning some things from you along the way.

I am humbled by your kind words and encouraged to press on by your inspirational comment.

Thank you, George, for stopping by and acknowledging a responsibility that I feel falls on all members of the WA community especially those at rank 200 or above: and leaving a comment, itis greatly appreciated.


I am curious

What are your favorite WP themes for speed? We use Astra
Do you use a Social media plugin or do you use code. We code using shortcoder?

Looking forward to your response.

Hi George,

Currently, I am using both Nisarg and Amina themes on my two websites hosted here on WA and both are working well for me.

The best improvement I did for my page loading speeds across the board of all my blogs. Believe it or not, happened when I reached out to Carson and asked to be put on the new server, and then I downloaded the Kraken Image optimizer plug-in.

This alone boosted all my blogs to above 97 on desktop and 94 on mobile versions. However, there were just a couple of minor changes that I had to go in and manually fix with the help of the Google PageSpeed Insights’ guidance.

I hope this can help you increase your page loading speeds as well,


Calvin, Congratulations! I understand you very much! :)

Hi Sylvia,

I sure am glad someone does, from time to time I wonder if I play to the same drummer beat as everyone else.




Congratulations on you being an ambassador and great post

Thank you, Dorrie,

Your kind words sink in and are appreciated!


Your welcome and you are very appreciated

Hey Calvin your testament should signal to many looking on that you can just be you, support the community in the best way possible and still do well here in WA. Congrats bro.


Hi Hugh,

Just striving to offer help to those in need!


Well done

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Create Your Free Wealthy Affiliate Account Today!
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One Profit Ready Website
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Millionaire Mentorship
Core “Business Start Up” Training