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January 07, 2017
Hey y'all!Well, I intend to get this blogging thing going this year, last year was pretty slim pickings as far as actual revenue goes (um, nowt, nada, zilch, zero pounds), so I'm aiming for my first couple of pennies to arrive ...I seem to have picked a rather odd niche - electronica music - which competes with the big boys - beatport, resident adviser, kompakt etc etc - so I'm needing to change direction somewhat, take my blog in to a new place. Please have a look at my site, and let me know
August 11, 2016
Hello,Well, I've been working day and night on my blog, no actual income at all yet, but I know it takes time, it is hard work, but I do enjoy it.I now have - YouTube channel and a Facebook page, as well as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google AdSense, iTunes Affiliate, Amazon Affiliate, Skiddle affiliate, Bing/Yahoo account, Pinterest, Eventbrite account, Twitter, Google Plus, etc etc... So many open tabs!And am writing content.Not sure what to put on my big Facebook page yet, but I
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July 29, 2016
Hello!I thought I'd give this WA thingy another go, having left it for a goodly while. Finished the main training, and have a new blog post : , so things are getting going again.I seem to have forgotten how to do Google analytics et at, and finding teh Bing one just a bit easier to understand, which is new to me, normally Microsoft confuse the 'ell out of me!So, hopefully I can spend more time on me blog, and start to make a penny or two, '
Not done much on here for a very long time! Have to earn a few bob the easy way - 9-5 Mon-Fri writing software for The Man. Groan.Not sure my niche was quite right to be honest, so I'll have to think of other things to blog about, something I can do easily - and that's not easy! I find it a right ol' pain to gather info (music from Soundcloud, iTunes, Amazon, youtube etc etc) was very time consuming, so need to find an easier way - any clues anyone?CheersO!Caesura
November 24, 2015
Hello everyone!Well, a few weeks in, and I haven't made a dime or a penny yet, but I've done what I came here for - I now understand the process, the mechanics etc and have the 'architecture' to build on!I have a website, Google analytics, Google search console (useful), Amazon affiliate code, iTunes affiliate code, and Google Adsense. All the things I wanted to try, and they're on my site.I could cancel my membership now, but - hmmmm - don't think so, I love the really quick answers I get to
November 16, 2015
Updated my cover picture and added some of my own webpages to my profile - now you know who I am and what i look like!Also, I've now got some luverly comments on my website : - all good and inspring me to keep going. Phew!So, looks like I've decided on Electronica as a niche - I find it easy to write about and there are plenty of place to get the music - Amazon, iTunes, Spotify etc, so when I sign up with the - who knows! :)Also have a Gravitar and using the
November 13, 2015
Niches! I'm still stuck on that one, to be very honest. I'm a jack of all trades, master of not a great deal. Here's a list of things I know about, so at least you can see what I mean:Acting - non-professional actor for many years, in three theatre companies in the ukElectronica music - I know what sort of stuff I like (bonkers, possibly mainly German), but I've no idea what it's called. Everything has it's (every evolving) genres and sub-sub-sub-genres in Electronica/Dance music. Some res
November 12, 2015
Gone Premium for $19 - lets see what happens next!
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