This should be a kick in the pants

Last Update: February 11, 2013
Yeah and that's just what I need. I'm still having trouble realizing my first successes with Wealthy Affiliate. So when I saw that Kyle is launching a Boot Camp for promoting Wealthy Affiliate. I'm saying to myself " it's now or never". I'm having images of Kyle in my face yelling " are you ready for this soldier".
That's what I need. but I'm sure he's going to be just as nice as he is in his blogs and videos explaining everything clearly and asking you to act on each progressive training. And if I keep myself focused and motivated, I can do this. I love Wealthy Affiliate even though I haven't succeeded in my goals here yet , I realize that that is due to my own choices of inactivity. And if I can get through that than Wealthy Affiliate will have delivered something much more precious to me than a new income stream, it will have helped me personally in dealing with one of my greatest shortcomings. So in realizing that it is me that needs the upgrade then it should be me back in my face shouting commands of motivation. Not Sgt. Kyle but Sgt. Casey. So I decided that with my iPhone in reverse video mode I will produce a series of short videos of Sgt. Casey giving me tough love motivation, and action geared fortitude to get through this boot camp. Just prior to this boot camp which launches this Wednesday I am going through the whole Wealthy Affiliate affiliate training so that nothing is foreign to me when Kyle delivers his boot camp and I am hoping it is a kick in the pants.
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Rick Jantz Premium
I hear ya!. I'm really looking forward to the training, too. Sometimes I am trying to do too much and need to focus my energies. I'm counting on the training to do just that. Do what they say and succeed. I've already done many things here that I'm proud of but now need to focus on monetizing. Looking forward to the training. All the best to you, too!
Hudson Premium
Wishing you good luck. You have made tremendous progress by recognising what you need to do -good luck with the videos and Sgt Casey!