A New Year, A New Spirit.

Last Update: January 01, 2016

Well, it is a New Year, and time for a New Blog. Happy New Years everybody!!!!

As I seem to do one of these a year, based on the amount of years I have been with WAU, and it seems to be around this time of year that I do it. Why is that? Oh, I know, the desire to make a change in my life. So here I am again, and I need some help.

This has proven to be one of the greatest challenges in my life, making a commitment to do what it would take to really make a change in my old regimen. So here is a proposal.

Let's help each other. I see up in the corner of my screen that I have 238 followers here on WAU. That's about the same amount of Friends I have on Facebook. So lets talk, lets engage in each others goals, lets motivate each other.

Starting today, I am putting Facebook on the back burner and making this my new Facebook. Now, I know I will have to give up on all the small talk and sharing Meme's, and talk more about IM stuff, but hey, that's exactly what I need, and I bet you do to.

Kyle and Carson talks about this community in very positive a light, and I am ready to get involved. If you read this because you follow me, then shoot me a comment on how I may be able to help you and Vice Versa. Let's make 2016 the Best Year Ever.....

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BobBrooks Premium
I like your post and would like to join in the following and helping. Still feel like a novice on the website and need to keep learning.
cacaoboy Premium
Hi Bob.. Nice to hear from you..You are new to WAU, I see. I have been here for quite a while. ( since 2010 ) Haven't really put my shoulder to the wheel yet, so I haven't made much of my time here. I really need to buckle down and get with the program. I have spent plenty of money on mis-directed Online scams, promising results as well. Buying traffic is the biggest rip off. I do know I am in the right place here at WAU for making it. My first site is for Online Income My Way, promotion WAU and i do have 1 re-accruing commission from just building and launching that site. I have interests in Food, Nutrition and Music. I have lots of great ideas, I just need to implement them. Are you doing the Boot Camp or the Get Started Progress Course? keep in touch....