30 Days of Now.

Last Update: June 07, 2015

How many times must I promise myself that I am going to commit to something and it ends up just another episode of, Oh I'll just put this on the back burner for a while and come back to it, and never do? Granted, these were times when I'm had plenty of irons in the fire and they all needed attention.

But I never in the past saw this day coming..... Yes a day when I didn't have all of the other things to do. So I say to myself, Self? It's Now or Never...There is really nothing better for me to be doing, right here, right now, than building this internet marketing business till is brings in some much needed cash.

You see about a year and a half ago I got my Boot Camp website up, and it started to rain responsibilities like never before. We were all of a sudden Moving to the UAE from Little Old Idaho, and on the back burner WAU goes as I tackle this new adventure..

Well guess what? The smoke had cleared and I can see that Pot sitting back there, and it had been slowly simmering all along. Apparently I had added the right ingredients, adjusted the heat and gave it a final stir before turning to attend to these other matters.

Well the timer went off just at the right time in the form of a Sale, Yes, a Sale!!!! I said, Alright-y Then, this is cooking and I need to finish up this recipe to success. It's Now Or Never..... I Now have a solid 30 days of almost nothing else to do..

30 days of Now is officially launched and I have a work schedule and goal to complete before the next wave of distractions. That Wave? A Vacation to Prague, Scotland and Ireland. I will have my laptop with me so we will see just how mobile this business can be......One of my goals is to build my WAU community support in both directions as well. If you are following me, then lets interact. I hope to share my experience and successes with you so that we both grow. And if I am following you, well it must be because you provide some form of inspiration, and I am likely to tap you time to time for some of your wisdom...Thank you for reading this...Lets keep in touch.......

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WAFan Premium
30 days is a lot of time for a committed person. I am sure you will make the best of it.