Who Makes Money off of "Make Money Online"?

Last Update: January 26, 2021

Not you, that's who.

The Truth?

Most of the time the people who are cashing in on you looking to make cash online are the people selling courses on how to make cash online.

Starting an Online Business:

There is only one truth to starting an online business:

This thing is a numbers game.

Plain and simple.

Developing an Edge:

Yes, you can "develop an edge". But only in 3 cirumstances:

1. You work really hard.

2. You corrner an underserved market.

3. You get lucky.

Exluding those 3 circumstances, your chances diminish relatative to the degree of competition in your market.

How to Overcome?:

Easy (in theory):

1. Study your niche.

2, Develop templates for producing (relevant) content quickly.

3. Craft a narrative or story to draw people in and connect with them on a personal level.

4. Show up. (Keep producing content, especially through the hard times when it feels like no one is viewing your pages, clicking your links, or purchasing your products.

Even More Simply?:

1. Find a Problem.

2. Find a solution.

3. Connect people with a problem to people with a solution.

Play the middleman (or middle woman) and collect a small fee for the service of creating a relationship between those people who have a problem and those people who specialize in solving the problem.

This holds true whether or not you use affiliate links to connect your audiience to a product or service someone else has developed or to connect them with a product or service you have developed yourself.

Don't Quit:

The only way that you can lose?



If you don't quit then don't lose.

At least, not until you're dead.

And if you really want something, you'll evolve, you'll adapt.

And you'll never quit.

Follow the Process:

It's the hardest thing in the world to do.

You know why?

Because it takes takes one of three things:

1. Getting lucky..

2. Finding a diamond in the rough.

3. Showing up every day and working your butt off.

One Final Misconception:

"Working your butt off" does NOT mean spenidng 8 hours a day banging your head against a wall.

Thinking like that will lead people into either giving up or feeling like an imposter when they find a winning strategy without spending years working at it.

Working your butt off means doing the hard work of diggging deep into your field of excellence (the place you want to solve problems and make your money) and creating both a road map and series of templates related to creating content for the purpose of solving problems.

Final Note:

Don't get bogged down in the technical details if you're just starting out.

Look at the big picture and focus on helping people.

A huge piece of advice?

Spend some time (anywhere from 3 months to 1 year) creating helpful stuff "for free".

What I mean by that is don't focus on bleeding people dry for cash.

If you're desperate for money, get a damn job.

Imagine a younger version of you: looking for all the anwers.

The older version of you has those answers.

So spend a good chunk of time building your audience by giving those anwers away.

Once you've built a solid audience (from 1,000 to 10,000 people) start monetizing them by sending out emails or using calls to action in your blogs or videos to ask for support.

By startin an online busines you've proven one thing already: You're a creative person.

So don't let that creativity go to waste!


If you develop a plan and stick to it, the rest will come.

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