Day 29: You Don't Realize How Far You've Come Until You Look Back

Last Update: August 11, 2018

Today's blog post is going to be a short one, nothing too exciting has gone on recently so not much to report on.

One thing I did want to share with you was a little bit of motivation for those who feel they've been here a while but haven't seen results yet.

I was helping out a friend here at WA today when I realized just how much I was beginning to understand about internet marketing. Six months ago I had no clue what I was doing!

For example, while I haven't earned much physical cash over the last 6 months, I have gained an understanding of:

  • How to create and maintain a site, including a VERY basic understanding of code
  • How to get ranked well in Google (from languishing on page 17 and beyond to hitting page 1 for some terms),
  • How to properly use affiliate links (and why you SHOULDN'T use them a lot of the time),
  • How to leverage keywords and search terms (and see if the competition really is that low; checking for authority sites under the same keyword etc.),
  • How to increase your click-through-rate (incorporating call to actions, list based titles and dates),
  • How to write content that is readable and engaging (from walls of text to attractive posts),
  • How to write LOTS of content (from 500 word posts once a week to 1500 word posts daily),
  • How to properly use on page SEO (including the importance of alt-text and videos),
  • How to set up an email list, landing page, etc,
  • How to analyze site statistics,

And so much more!

Now for me that it much more valuable than any cash I might have been able to earn working a Saturday job, because that is developing a skillset that will serve me well for years to come!

For anyone who feels they're not getting any 'profit' from their efforts, consider this:

Your skillset you are developing IS the profit!


Visitors last week: 179

Visitors last month: 485

Money earned total: $0.30


Money earned: $0

Unique WA affiliate link clicks: 80

TOTAL words written: 65,000

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JWhite5 Premium
Thanks for the information Benjamin!
btwilkins Premium
newlive Premium
good thoughts Wilkins keep it up you will get there
btwilkins Premium
Thanks Gus! Appreciate it.
Syedhashim Premium
Thank you for sharing.
btwilkins Premium
DGArchitect Premium
Thanks for sharing. It looks like you've learned alot and the business will grow in time.
btwilkins Premium
Absolutely! Thanks for stopping by.
CandP Premium
Yes, the skillset is developing and that is what we need to work on. All else unfolds from that.
Good job, Benjamin!
Have a great weekend!
btwilkins Premium
Thank you! Have an enjoyable weekend yourselves!
LisaRailbac2 Premium
just wanted to know about a message I receive. It says Google i
has ranked my website??
btwilkins Premium
That's good news; it means your site is now ready to be found in Google and organic traffic is on its way!