Is Wealthy Affiliates good for your Health?

Last Update: April 10, 2015

Having spent thirty years as a pharmacist dealing with public health issues I thought it fitting that I give Wealthy Affiliates a health check now I have completed six weeks as a member.

I concentrated on mental, emotional, physical and financial health of its participants.

Is it good for your mental health? You learn many new subjects.They are delivered in a easy to follow format. Progressing at your own pace means you are not under pressure .It is easy to go off on a tangent if you aren't careful and learn all sorts of amazing topics that may or may not be related to your subject.There is plenty of advise to keep you on the straight and narrow and not overdo it .Overall mentally stimulating if you don't get carried away.

Your emotional health could be in for a bit of a roller coaster ride. Moments of elation when you see your site develop from nothing and bits of programming code convert into vibrant images and pages worth reading. Unfortunately there can be moments of despair when pages are replaced by error codes or disappear, you are ignored by Google or site ranking plummet. One of the strengths of WA is the network of fellow members who you can share your highs and lows with.

Financial well being is one of the selling points of wealthy affiliates.You can be your own boss. From what I have seen this is a creditable claim.You won't get rich overnight but the path is there for the taking and it's not expensive to continue on from the free membership Yes this could be good for your long term financial health and you won't suffer in the short term.

The effects on your physical health are one of my concerns with this program. Hours spend glued to a computer screen with no more movement than rapid eye blinks and busy fingers. Long sessions can result in stiff joints, tired eyes, an overactive mind. Sleep can become difficult as your mind replays all the new things you have been learning and the exciting prospects that lie ahead. My advise is to plan your sessions and stick to the plan and don't overdo it. If you get stuck ask for help and don't waste time trying to find the answer yourself. Take a break every half hour, stand up walk around the room. Here is an article from DR MERCOLA on the dangers of sitting down for too long. Read it, it probably is applicable to all off us.

If you would like to take you fitness one step further and get on a bike. Visit my site and you may learn some useful cycling info.

My overall assessment. Joining Wealthy Affiliates can have positive effects on your mental, emotional, financial and physical health. There is the danger of overdosing or becoming addicted , but with the help and support of the founders and fellow members this shouldn't be a problem Including some physical exercises into your daily routine will negate the downside from sitting for prolonged periods.

Overall rating 9/10. (There's always something that can be improved).



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Great post. Well thought out and inspirational.
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Great looking website, man!
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Yes, Mercola is a great professional. He is one of few real doctors, who know that they are talking about.
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Yes he has some good info on his site
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