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Last Update: June 28, 2015

I thought i'd share a few thoughts about the benefits of learning something new like building a website at Wealth Affiliates.

I joined up about four months ago with a plan to make a website so I could generate some online income.

I have learnt a lot about the online world in the process. From initially having no idea about creating websites i now have one that i'm reasonably happy with and have two more that i'm creating. I haven't made any money yet but i can see the potential.

As a result of my website i was asked if I could create a site for someone else.I hesitated at first but thought why not.The result was a site they were happy with and i give them on going help maintaining it.. Although this didn't make me much money it made me a couple of good friends and you can't put a price on that.

I am also in the final stages of writing an e-book that i hope to promote from one of my sites and sell on Amazon. A few months ago this was the last thing i thought I would be doing . It may or may not work out but I think something will eventually and i've learnt a lot in between and who knows what else i will be doing.

So even if your site isn't working out you may be gathering sufficient knowledge to send you in a new direction.

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TJamil Premium
The fact that there's a lot of tools provided here which varies on another is the factor which can lead you diversifying if you main website is still in progress of being monetized.