Friday Training

Last Update: February 08, 2016

Why Am I So Distracted?

I posted one of my old blogs yesterday from when I didn't even know what the word blog meant. About phoning contacts.

During and after yesterdays training call, soaking in Jay's brilliance about distractions and more, I could see similarities from the past that are still holding me back today.

How Important is the Friday Call?

I try very hard to join the call, like most people life does get in the way sometimes, we can always catch up later with the recorded training. I find there is more value to being on the live call, and you can ask questions, get your answer on the spot.

Yesterdays training has spun my head around, all I have to do now is is put the steps forward and move on.

SEE you all on the Friday training call

Thanks Jay


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magistudios Premium
Awesome Bruce!

I am happy to hear that the training has helped.