Toyota 4Runner Review for Affiliate Bootcamp

Last Update: May 28, 2017

Crossover rules

In the automotive world today for mid-size SUV’s which are a derivative of pickup trucks, crossovers vehicles are dominating due to ease of entry into the vehicle, better mileage per gallon of fuel and they are as the word implies a cross between a car and an SUV.


The Toyota 4-Runner of today, is in its fifth generation and is a direct descendant of a pickup truck. It is available with only one powertrain which is a 4.0 liter V6 270 hp engine, a five-speed transmission and with a tare weight of 5000 pounds this beast is sluggish when accelerating. It is also available in a four-wheel drive version.


The first generation 4Runner of 1984 used the Hilux pickup chassis and this continued until 1989.

The second generation was slightly larger than the first and production ended in 1995.

The third generation again was bigger than the second generation and several design changes to the body. It ended in 2002.

The fourth generation began in 2002 and incorporated extensive changes to the 4Runner. A far cry from the previous generations with features that appeal to muscle car fanatics. It ended in 2009

The fifth generation brought a change from the muscle look SUV to a look that is reminiscent of the Soccer Mom SUV. It is the same length as the fourth generation and heavier, but it does not have that macho appeal anymore.


There is no competitor for the 4runner. The discontinued Nissan Xterra was the only competitor. Higher gasoline prices caused most automakers to stop producing SUV’s when they switched to the crossover alternative which is more fuel efficient.

Keeps on trucking

Despite stiff competition with crossovers, sales of the Toyota 4Runner remains high today, and they are used mainly for on the road chores. When it comes to family safety, solid construction with the rear axle and a high-reliability rating the Toyota brand is known for; this SUV will be available for years to come.

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ericpierre Premium
Nice Info Trevor. I'm not really a fan of such cars, but I have to admit it has some nice features.
browzman Premium
Thank you, Eric.
paulgoodwin Premium
I have a four runner made in 1994 and had it 15 years and a GREAT machine

I cannot drive it any more as no money to pay for gas and running it so it sits alone in a field!

browzman Premium
Yes, they last a long time.
abdul11 Premium
thank you for the info
browzman Premium
You're welcome
LuckyRascal1 Premium
Being a automotive technician for 40 years, I still find all this imfo and technology fascinating. Great story. Lots of useful imfo
never to old to learn.
browzman Premium
Thank you for your input, Peter.
RandyL1 Premium
Good info!
browzman Premium
Thank you, Randy.